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Hug huguu


Hug huguu


■Character: Ukraine | Hetalia
■Photographer: Seloria | Cosplayer: Doku

To be honest Ukraine was the first chara I wanted to cosplay when I got into hetalia, but friends convinced me to do Belarus instead, it wasn’t a bad decision back than because I was always quite suspicious about sewing pants (and I still am) and I also kinda fell in love with Belarus as well. After uhm … 3 years I finally did it and I’m happy now. I really hope to cosplay as Belarus once again at some point, but after a gain some weigh over the last year, I feel like Ukraine is more fitting for now

These pictures are absolutely stunning!!!!!! I love the picture themselves but the cosplay is spot on as well!!! Love these!!!

It’s a day late, but October 16th is Boss’s Day, so KH and I took some Hanji and Moblit pictures to commemorate the occasion. And some of the pictures may have been based on drinkyourfuckingmilk's comic.


More sassy Kaneki and easily-offended Shuu.


Have I ever told you how much I like Mikeru? No? 


Have I ever told you how much I like Mikeru? No? 

"I”m still breathing. I’m still human."

Titan/Zombie AU Eren Make-up

what do you think is your scariest expression?


People say it’s my smile. What do you think?

A friend and I were talking about how this panel from Chapter 61 seems like how a guilty Levi approaches Hanji about bad news. This is my coping mechanism, my heart is still broken.


Wings of Counterattack—Eren Jeager Part 1